Posted by: jajanghendra | May 5, 2008

Developing Democracy Cultured with Social Studies for Increasing of Interest the Values’ Democracy

Based on the constitutional democracy education had been being since 1945 which the aim to make smart of nation’s life. It had been put in preamble of UUD’45 that proved in structure of national education.

According to Idrus Affandi,  (2005) there are three instruments that must be concentrated on giving democracy education for young generation,  those are  knowledge’s and interested for : The first, democracy is a form of community’s life which guaranty the rights of citizen. The second, democracy is a learning process that can not imitate from another community. The third, on going of democracy depends on successful how to transform the values’ democracy consist of freedom, togetherness and justice also loyal to politic democratize.

Related to democracy education, the mainly thing that can be concluded by the author, democracy education can not imitate from the other community, but it must be dug from the community itself. Then the democracy still goes on when we can transform the values’ democracy like as freedom, togetherness and justice also loyal to politic democratize.   

Democracy can be planted in each student and also can be grown and developed in family’s life, school, community and state. This thing needs a great example from parents, teachers and officers of government so it is needed systematic learning and cultured of democracy. It was said by Djiwandono (2003), “…practice for democracy is not possible applied, but all need progress for learning of developing from each state.” There is one important thing which can not be forgotten, learning process must be a democracy.  Learning process of democracy can not be opposite with principles of democracy. The situation like this becomes contradictive to the aim of learning and cultured democracy. 

Democracy is not only a way to reach the power but an instrument to prove a public welfare democratize. Democracy is not a freedom without limit. A freedom democracy is limited by responsibility for public importance and law, because democracy is governance for public importance and it can be proved if it runs under the rule of law.

Talking about developing of democracy, Sumantri (1998) explained that: recently, democracy education is not so pleasured, because it is not conducive environmental of cultural social and politic social. It had been reflecting undemocratic democracy since 1945, it means a condition instruments of democracy are provided but spirit and application not according to democracy aspiration which it is true felt always generate or controversy of paradoxes between reality with norm, which it is seen, to be heard, and experienced of with taught, oration and discourse. Psychologically and situation social like that is not advantage of process education because situation of environment only giving reinforcement negative for growing of mine and attitude which are positive.


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