Posted by: jajanghendra | March 31, 2008


keluarga.jpgThe writer was born on June 11th, 1971 at Bandung. My parents named me, Jajang Hendar Hendrawan. In the beginning of 1978, the writer studied at Kamulyan Elementary School  at Desa Nanggeleng Kecamatan Cipeundeuy Kabupaten Bandung  and finished his study in 1983. In the same year I continued to study at Cipeundeuy Junior School and I finished it in 1986. Then the writer continued his study at SPG PGRI Cimahi from 1986 to 1989. In 1993 the writer studied at STKIP Pasundan Cimahi, he took Social Science Education and finished his lectures in 1998.

In the year of 2003, the writer studied at Sekolah Pascasarjana Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia to continue his Magister Programs, and passed it in 2006. And his plan is continuing to get his Doctor Programs in 2008.

In the year of 1989 the writer began his career on teaching at Kamulyan Elementary School for one year. I ever worked at PT. Abdi Metal, Jakarta as Planning Production Control in 1990, the company moved in automotive assembling, the writer worked there until 1993. In the same year when I resigned from the company I continue to get lectures at the same university.   

In 1994 I taught Civics Education at SMA Karya Pembangunan until 1999, while I worked at STKIP Pasundan as Clerk Administration and so I taught for the same subject at SMK PGRI 2 Cimahi. After I gave the loyalty for five years as Clerk Administration, from 2004 I have been being as lecturer until now at STKIP Pasundan Cimahi.

Some researches which have ever done by writer id est Peranan Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan dalam meningkatkan Disiplin Siswa, Implementasi Internet sebagai sumber pembelajaran Demokrasi, Penggunaan Internet sebagai Model Pembelajaran Elektronik di Sekolah and etc.

Now the author is more interested for researching in cultures. Why does the author choose the cultures? Because in fact for teaching not only create students to be smart, but they are hoped to be homo humanus.

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