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Advantageous of Internet as Electronic Learning Model at School

sarjana.jpgProgress of technology internet is very fast and to all over the world has been exploited by various states, institutions, and experts for various importance of including for the education. Used of Internet for education which progressively extend especially in nations go forward, representing facts indicate that with media is true enabled carrying out of learning process to teach effectively. That thing happened because of nature and characteristic of Internet which enough typically, so that it expected can be used as electronic learning at school.Increasing of infrastructure in telecommunications area, between the provider and also their quality, college education and training education, especially for the highest education,  it appears to equip  itself with various conducive facility mainly for civitas academic to exploit telecommunications infrastructure which available for supporting the inreasing of the quality of study and gives the service to students. Their facilities such as providing of computer, connectivity internet, development of website, development of Local Area Network (LAN), and development of intranet.

Activity of electronic learning make students can communicate with their teacher anytime, by through e-mail. And so does the contrary. The communication between them is closed or even together through bulletin board. The communication can be selected even together or alone. (Soekartawi, 2002). Through E-Learning, students can attend without they must be in the class. Activity learning can be flexible accorded to the student’s schedule. Activity of study happened to pass student’s interaction can be accessed from internet. There are three alternatives model activity of study which can selected by them, they are: (1) conventional,  (2) conventional and learning through internet, or even (3) fully through internet.

Alternative learning model which to be selected by students make not much difference in assessment. Because of the third presentation model of study items get the same confession. If students can finish their study program and pass through the way of conventional or fully through internet, or even through unity both of this model, hence institution organizer of education will give the same confession. The flexible situation is assessed by students to pass fastly. As the learn media to teach at school, internet has to able to give support of communications process an interactive among teacher and students. Condition which must can be supported by the internet especially relate to study strategy to be developed, which if formulated simply, can be interpreted as activity of communications to invite student do duties and assist student in required knowledge memeperoleh in order to doing the duties.

There is three form model study of Internet is competent to be considered as base system development of study by using internet that is: (1) Web Course, ( 2) Web Centric Course, and ( 3) Web Enhanced Course (Haughey, in Siahaan, 1998).Web Course, is usage of internet for study, where entire all materials learn, discussion, consultancy, assignation, test and practice  fully submitted to internet. Student and teacher fully apart, but communications or relation among educative participant with instructor can be conducted by each; every moment. Conducted more communications by ansynchronous than by synchronous. Form this course web don’t need the existence of activity look in the face good to need of evaluation and also study and test, because all process learn to teach fully through used of facility of internet like e-mail, rooms chat, board bulletin and of online conference. Despitefully this system usually is also provided with various source learn digitally, both for developed by xself and also by using various source learn by way of making relation to various source learn which have made available in internet, like database of statistic information and news, e-book, library of electronic etc. Form study of this model is usually utilized by for education of long distance. Application this form of for example campus virtual /university, and or institute training carrying out trainings which can follow long distancely and after pass examination will be given by certificate.Web Centric Course, where some of materials learn, discussion, consultancy, assignation, and practice submitted to internet, while test and some of consultancy, practice and discussion conducted looked in the face. Although in course of learning of conducted looked in the face which usually in the form of tutorial, but percentage of looking in the face remain to be smaller compared to the percentage of process learn to  internet. With this form of hence centre of activities learn to shift from activity of class become activity through internet. form of web course, teacher and student fully apart but times which have been specified they look in the face, either in school or place which have been determined.Web Enhanced Course, that is exploiting of internet for education, to support the make-up of the quality of school activity in class. This form is also recognized by the name of Web course lite, because activity of especial study is looking in the face in class. Role of internet here is to provide very rich sources by giving addresss or make link to various source learn appropriate which can be accessed by online, to increase amount and extend opportunity communicate among instructor with educative participant reciprocally. Dialogue or the communications is to need discuse, consulting, and also to work grouply. Reciprocal communications can be conducted by among student with student, student with friend outside class/school, student with group, student with teacher and also teacher with student or with group.Differ from both previous form, at form of Web this Enhanced Course is percentage of study  slimmer internet exactly compared to the percentage of study looked in the face, because usage of internet is just for supporting activity of study looked in the face. This form of can is also told as step early to education institution to carry out study base on internet, before carrying out study with internet morely complex, like Web Centric Course and or Web course. Whether at model and or Web course, Web Centric Course and or Web Enhanced Course, there are some activity component like information, materials learn, or study of comunication, assessment which vary.Problem of protection of copyrights  this internet dont have to take fright producent and service user of internet, caused by special considerations which passed to penyedia and consumer of internet. According to Sitompul, ( 2004:17) explaining that: In problem of protection of copyrights there are embraced ground in general, that is ground “use fair”, where according to this ground, making of copy from creation considered with the following elements: a) the nature of usage of result of copy; b) Form of result of creation which have had copyrights; c) the level of the part of creation which is copy; d) Effect of to market value from result of creation.Facility for copy an result of masterpiece passed to education institutes, library and schools, because the mentioned fulfill fourthly of element above and that freedom is meant to move forward education storey; level and knowledge of society.

Pursuant to above mentioned opinion, that education institute, and schools of library given by freedom for copy an result of masterpiece of internet, because to move forward to education and knowledge of society, and this represent ground “use fair” what till now still gone into effect in general.


  1. I think, its will be better if you could present the summary of your idea in this posting, so everyone can get your idea quickly. You can link it to the complete writing in other file.

    Talking about model that you mentioned in your posting, which one do you think is better for Indonesian condition?

    Salam kenal pak,
    Arry Akhmad Arman

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